street team

We are always looking to grow. As an independent band with no record label and no financial backing, we heavily rely on the resources that our fans are able to give in order to share our music and message with more of the world. With your help, we can reach more people. 

Every person who joins the team will receive (as gifts for helping us):

-Private links to our new music and videos (before we release them to the rest of the world)

-Exclusive messages and/or videos from the band

-VIP hangouts and/or free or discounted tickets to shows in your area

-Customized street team merchandise and/or free or discounted SHINY · PENNY merchandise

-And more

Once you become a member of the team, we will ask you to do simple yet efficient tasks to help spread the word about our music and new releases to your friends.

If you are interested in learning more, fill out your info below and we will contact you. If there's anything you feel you can help us with immediately, feel free to lay that out for us in the message box (along with any other info you think we would benefit from knowing). We are so grateful for your interest and consideration to help us. 

Talk soon.


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